Barney Cools

We’re free spirited, open-minded, globetrotting, salt water lovin’, laid-back dudes. We make rad clothes but we’re not ‘fashion’, we don’t get caught up in that bullshit because we’re too busy living.

Our crew is always expanding, as are our horizons. What began in a shack in Sydney, Australia and can now be found everywhere from Wollongong to Wichita, Bendigo to Berlin and beyond. Poolside etiquette to School of Barney Cools and now Motel Cools, with each new collection our voice has grown, luckily our heads haven’t.

If there’s swell we surf, when there’s snow we ski. There’s nothing freer than hitting the open road, getting a little lost and finding some hidden gems, it’s our idea of a good time.

If you see us around don’t be shy, buy us a beer and we’ll B.friends. Keep up with us if you can.