About Us

Located in the heart of South and East Austin, SHED Barber & Supply is more than your traditional barbershop. It’s a sanctuary, a social hub, a place of ritual formation.

We like to think of SHED as more than just a physical place; it's a way of thinking, even a way of living. Conceptually, our overall goal is to humbly present a different perspective, an altered way of experiencing and perceiving the world. We noticed change that occurs individually can cause cultural shifts of a seismic scale. Even changes that are as small as the changing of one's hair and style of dress can have drastic effects on a person's entire outlook on life. 

Online and in-store, we offer a wide array of unique yet complimentary pieces of clothing; from apocalyptic high-end Japanese brands like Black Weirdos, to the utilitarian chic of Stan Ray, the subversive graphics of Youth Machine, and of course the immersive imaginative world of shed your worries. The possibilities of personal expression and self-discovery are endless.

Over at the barbershop, we deliver the standards: straight razor shaves with a full hot towel treatment, classic cuts with attention to the finest details, crisp lines and clean fades, all within an accepting and modern environment. But we pride ourselves on providing a complete styling experience focused solely on the person in our chair, as well as a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that you’ll want to come back to over and again.

Tradition starts here.

... and please don't forget to shed your worries.

Patrick Peterson | Fashion Director