The Bearded Bastard Barbershop Mustache Wax

The Bearded Bastard

The Bearded Bastard Barbershop Mustache Wax

$ 16.00

Our Barbershop Mustache Wax transports you back to the old school barbershops where men could be men. The small brass bell above the door that chimed softly as you entered, the long wooden bench where old timers would talk in gruff tones and heavy laughter. The air heavy with the slightly medicinal scent of Barbicide mingling with the various talcs and tonics, the slight whiff of cigars, and stacks of old magazines.

Our Barbershop Mustache Wax provides an expert hold, and will have you reminiscing to those good old days hints of calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, bay rum aftershave, and tobacco.


Beeswax, Lanolin, Natural Fragrance, Cocoa Butter, & Jojoba Oil

  • Natural ingredients provide a strong, all-day hold and conditions hair
  • Scented with exotic, essential oils and extracts
  • 1 oz. tin with laser-etched Cherry label
  • Made by hand in Austin, TX

May contain allergens. Test in a small area before use.